Depil Brazil welcomes high-energy entrepreneurs who want to help men and women nationwide discover a better way to wax.

Franchisees start with another big advantage as well: The complete support of an established, successful company and brand, with a unique proprietary line of skin-care products that have earned a loyal following. Everything you need to launch is included, right down to our construction-ready studio design. This makes owning a Depil Brazil franchise a financially accessible dream for motivated entrepreneurs.

Franchise opportunities are available starting at $300,000. For more details fill the form below. Once reviewing your application, we will be back in touch with you if it's a good fit for our strategic growth plans.

Depil Brazil is raising the bar for the waxing experience in markets across America.

At the heart of the Depil Brazil experience are our uniquely trained, professional staff and our signature, natural wax made with soothing oils from the Brazilian rainforest. Neither are available anywhere else, giving Depil Brazil franchises a competitive advantage in any market.

We like to say that “we do only one thing, and we do it really well.” We’re passionate about bringing the Truly Brazilian waxing experience to clients in US, and our business model used in conjunction with our proprietary wax & products give our clients an unparalleled experience with superior level of service.

What they say about us...