Waxing to Reduce Unwanted Facial Hair Growth on Men

Manscaping isn't exactly a new phenomenon but it certainly is more popular among men in recent years. As men put much more attention and care into their grooming methods, proper facial hair and skin care treatments are sought after. Daily shaving can be as much of a hassle for men as it is for women, if not more since there are many more areas to shave and groom on a man's face. Not all hair is wanted, and if you have sparse, patchy hair that grows around the lip, cheeks or neck, you look for easy ways to get rid of it. Waxing for the face can be done as a quick clean up around the beard, lip, and brow, or to completely remove unwanted facial hair. Men can wax a number of different areas on their face in order to get that perfectly groomed look.

Waxing can be done for any hair type and removes hair from virtually any part of the body. The warm wax removes the hair from the follicle which allows the skin to become much smoother than it does after shaving. Guys, if you're looking to ditch the fuzz and get smooth, or simply keep the areas around your existing facial hair smooth and groomed, try waxing. 

Waxing Reduces The Appearance of Unwanted Hair 
If waxing is done often, it will make your body hair grow lighter and thinner. Waxing uproots the entire hair shaft from the follicle, meaning it grows back slowly over time and naturally, without the stubble look that shaving can cause. By getting consistently waxes on your face, the hair will grow softer, thinner, and lighter, and in some areas of the face, the hair will not grow back at all. Of course, the reduction and essential cease of hair growth can take a while to happen, however, you'll begin to see less hair each time you wax. This is especially helpful when you're embarrassed about the hair on your face. 

Waxing Soothes The Skin and Eliminates Irritation 
In addition to removing excess, unwanted hair, waxing also removes the top layer of dry, dead skin cells. The result is skin that is far more smooth and even, something that cannot be achieved through hair other hair removal methods, like shaving. Depil Brazil's wax contains all natural ingredients like honey, and rich omega 3s in order to moisturize the skin and further improve its tone and texture. Unlike hair removal creams and shaving gels, the wax that is normally used for body waxing procedures does not contain extra ingredients that can cause skin irritation or allergies. When the wax is performed by our trained and licensed wax professionals, the results produce little to no pain, redness or irritation. 

Waxing Provides Precise Hair Removal 
When waxing your face, you also have complete control over which parts of your face are waxed and which stay untouched. For instance, if you only want the areas around your beard or your eyebrows, you can be sure that only the area that has wax on it will be removed, leaving you with perfectly shaped brows and groomed beards. Waxing gives you greater precision over shaving since the hair is only removed when it has wax on it. This is ideal for the small places on your face that need waxing and shaping.

Although Many men suffer from unwanted facial hair or unruly whiskers, facial hair waxing is available to provide relief. Visit your local Depil Brazil waxing studio to speak with our wax pros on safe, effective ways to take your manscaping game to the next level. Book now and get your first eyebrow or bro-zilian wax, free!

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