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How To Properly Exfoliate After A Brazilian Or Bikini

May 8, 2019

Exfoliating the face and body is a common part of any daily skin care routine, but exfoliating down there is often high up on the list of things that people shy away from discussing. Paying extra attention to your pubic hair and skin is as important as any step in your self-care routine. Especially if you want to avoid ingrown hairs and dry, flaky skin in the sensitive areas. The method of exfoliation works to remove the dead skin, dirt, and debris from the hair and body, which makes it easier for the wax to stick to your hair, rather than your skin. This means your wax will hurt less and work more effectively – and who doesn't want an easy-breezy trip to the waxing salon, amirite?!

Whether you're a waxing pro or a newbie, when it comes to getting your hair removed, remember the cardinal rule: "Never arrive for your wax appointment with first exfoliating!"

If you’re not sure how to exfoliate properly, or even why you should be exfoliating, don’t worry. It's all here. 

Why should you exfoliate? 
Always exfoliate before waxing. We've said it before, but it's so important it's worth mentioning again. If you fail to properly clean and exfoliate the areas before your appointment, you risk having the wax stick to your skin and an uncomfortable struggle to remove the hair properly. You even increase the chances of getting ingrown hairs. Although your skin naturally sloughs away old, dead skin cells to generate new ones, your body needs a little help with speeding up the rejuvenation process. Exfoliation provides that gentle push. You exfoliate to remove the top layer of dead skin. Without proper exfoliation, the older skin cells, as well as the debris that comes with them, can trap in bacteria by blocking the pores. This leads to ingrown hairs, rashes, irritation, and sometimes even odor or infection. Yikes. Because you're dealing with such a delicate and sensitive area, when exfoliating the vaginal or genital areas, only exfoliate the bikini line, top, and sides of the waxed area. That goes for both men and women. Even if you're getting a Brazilian wax. Never use an exfoliant on the inside of the vagina or buttocks. 

We recommend using a gentle exfoliator like the Grumari Body Exfoliant, at least 48 hours before your wax appointment to make the process quicker, easier, and less painful. 

How do you exfoliate?
Your skin is sensitive and requires a caring touch when applying creams, cleansers or scrubs. When exfoliating, you can use your hands, a rough washcloth, sponge, or a loofah glove to work the scrub into the area. To exfoliate the area, squeeze a nickel to quarter amount of product from the container into your hands. Use your scrubbing tool to gently move along your bikini line in a small circular motion to remove dead skin cells that may be clogging up the pores. Be sure to cover the entire surface of the area. Allow the exfoliate to sit on your skin for up to 3 minutes. Rinse the area well. Do this after you've cleaned the area with a mild soap or body wash. Once you've rinsed off the area, pat dry and apply a natural body oil or light lotion to moisturize and keep your skin soft and healthy after the exfoliation.

Tip: The bikini area is naturally sensitive, so make sure to not over-exfoliate by scrubbing too hard on your skin. You want to avoid leaving the skin raw or irritated.

When should you exfoliate? 
As a rule of thumb, you want to wait at least 2-3 days after your wax, and 2-3 before your next appointment to begin exfoliating, especially if you start to see the hair beginning to grow. Be sure not to irritate or traumatize the skin so that it's in good condition for the wax. This allows redness and soreness to fade away and gives any open pores the time they need to close up. Exfoliating over freshly-waxed skin will also create friction and inflammation over existing irritation so give your skin time to heal and get back to normal before making a start. 

How often should you exfoliate? 
The early stages of hair re-growth can begin a week or two after waxing and occasionally softer hairs can begin to curl in on themselves if faced with a barrier, like a clogged pore, because their tips are so fine. Continuing to exfoliate the skin regularly encourages these fine hairs to grow back up through the skin and prevents them from turning into those annoying ingrown hairs that can feel especially itchy around the bikini line. During the cooler months, it is recommended to exfoliate at least twice per week as the skin easily becomes drier and the hair more stubborn. During the warmer months, you want to keep the skin glow, smooth, and hydrated so exfoliate at least once per week. 

Your skin is precious and deserves the very best care. If you still have questions about how often you should exfoliate or the benefits of exfoliating after your next bikini or Brazilian wax, our wax pros are here to provide you with expert advice. Call your nearest studio now to speak with a waxpert, or schedule your FREE first-time bikini or Brazilian wax!

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