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Get The Wax Facts: The Truth Behind 4 Common Waxing Misconceptions

November 15, 2018

Whether you trim it, go bare or like to leave just a little hair, if you're into hair removal, chances are you’ve considered waxing. While the thought of being hair free for nearly a month is wonderful, many are still skeptical about jumping on the Brazilian wax train due to hearsay about the process or the after care. Shaving, plucking, even lasering are all popular methods of hair removal with just as many pros and cons as waxing, but before you pick up those tweezers or that razor, get the truth behind those waxing rumors.

Getting rid of body hair is your choice, but making the right decision about your removal method is just as important. So, we're setting the record straight on waxing fact vs fiction so you can book your next brow, bikini, underarm, leg or Brazilian wax with ease.

Misconception: “Waxing is really painful.”

Wax Fact: Waxing involves the hair being pulled from the root, so naturally it's an uncomfortable sensation during your first or second session. Also, it's important to note that everyone’s threshold for pain is different, so what might be considered painful for some is barely noticeable for others. When done quickly and efficiently, it's not that painful. Which is why we recommend leaving your treatments to experienced wax professionals, and not relying on at-home kits. There are also several other factors that can warrant changes in someone's sensitivity to pain or comfort. Women may be more receptive to pain just before their periods, also, feelings of fatigue or illness can cause heightened sensitivity to waxing. We recommend planning your routine waxing appointments at the right time to avoid these issues.

Misconception: “Baring it all for a stranger is really embarrassing.”

Wax Fact: The bikini line can be one of the more difficult areas to keep in good shape. It's also an intimate area that some people feel shy about having a stranger near. The important thing to remember when considering a bikini or Brazilian wax is that wax pros are experienced and perform the service many times per day. If you’re feeling uneasy before your appointment, be sure to inform your wax pro and they’ll be happy to alter their method to make your experience as comfortable as possible. Making sure you feel comfortable inside and out is important to us. We want every client that walks through our doors to know that Brazilian waxes are for ALL body types and sizes. The more consistent your appointments, the more you build a trusting relationship with your wax pro. We’ll make sure your “down there” waxes are just as comfortable as a brow, or leg wax.

Misconception: “Only women get Brazilian waxes”.

Wax Fact: The truth is, there is no gender tied to Brazilian waxing. The results are beneficial for both women and men. More now than ever before, men are enjoying the benefits of waxing their private areas. The concept of male grooming, or “manscaping” is growing increasingly popular these days and breaking down the stigma around men taking pride in the way they look. There is absolutely no shame at all in men wanting to be smooth and hair free “down there” or anywhere! Waxing frees you from the nix, cuts, and scrapes of traditional razor shaves and removes the hair from the root, ridding you from unsightly stubble and ingrown hairs on the body. Male Brazilian waxing is a fast, effective and affordable way for guys who want to feel free, and fresh in the most delicate parts of the body. Our waxperts are experienced and will treat you with the same care and respect we do with every client.

Misconception: “You should pluck or shave once the hair starts to grow back.”

Wax Fact: Although it may be top of mind at the sight of new hair, resist the temptation to shave or pluck between waxing appointments! Doing so can disrupt the hair growth cycle and result in more hair at your next appointment, or worse, skin rashes and ingrown hairs. It takes approximately 2-3 waxes before the growth is properly removed and if you shave, you reset the process back to square one, and you will have to do it all over again to get the results you want. 

There you have it, Brazilian waxing facts over fiction! Of course, all of these decisions are a personal choice and ultimately it comes down to whether you feel comfortable or not with the process of waxing. It doesn’t matter what time of the month it is, how old you are, whether you are male or female. Everyone can enjoy the benefits of a smooth confident Brazilian wax! Schedule your appointment to get smooth this season. The Depil Brazil waxperts are here to give your the best care and results! Book now at your nearest location and get your first brow, bikini or FULL Brazilian wax, on us!

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