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6 Tips for Radiant Skin This Fall/Winter Season

November 26, 2016

Along with Autumn comes the changing of leaves, football, primetime TV shows, scarf weather, and dry skin.

Now more than ever, you need to modify your skincare regime to repair from summer damage, and prep for what’s to come. Unless you were born with naturally radiant and moisturized skin, chances are, your skin takes a beating during this time of year.

To learn how to cope with the effects of this seasonal change, follow our 6 tips to keep your skin glowing this fall. Find out what our skincare experts recommend.

1) Stay Hydrated – Our bodies are 60-80% water based. Water is responsible for keeping our skin naturally moisturized and hydrated, so make sure you’re drinking at least 8 cups a day. Drinking water has a number of other health benefits, including being a natural way to keep your skin looking soft and supple. Eating more fresh greens, and light, fresh salads will also increase your water intake.

2) Drink Less Coffee and Hot Chocolate – This may sound like an unreasonable request, but drinking less coffee and hot chocolate helps keep your skin from drying out. That’s because both drinks contain caffeine, which drys your skin from the inside out. If you just can’t do without your hot drinks, try substituting hot chocolate and coffee with a non-caffeinated tea. Also, drink one cup of water for every caffeinated drink you consume.

3) Stay Moisturized – The wind blows more this time of year, which can cause your skin to chap and dry out. Radiating heat from central and floor units are another cause of dry skin. Hot showers (a justifiable guilty pleasure), and winter clothes are also attributed with drying out skin. So, find a moisturizer that is infused with natural ingredients and apply it regularly.

4) Wear Sunscreen – Even though the sun isn’t as visible or hot during fall and winter, it still carries harsh effects for your skin. Continue applying sunscreen during the winter months, but use a product with a lower SPF level (15 or lower). Especially apply sunscreen if you’re sunbathing more than usual to maintain your summer glow.

5) Switch Cleansers – Some cleansers are better for summer and spring months, just as others are better for fall and winter. If your skin is drier during the cold season, switch your cleanser to something that contains more moisturizer.

6) Exfoliate – Now that summer has passed, it’s time to repair the leftover skin damage.  You’ll want to start gently exfoliating more to remove any cellular build-up. Use an exfoliant that’s infused with natural ingredients to replenish your skin cells and stimulate new growth without triggering irritation.

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