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Skin Nourishing Duo


It's time to get SKINtimate with your personal care. Splash and swim season means flaunting your favorite bikinis by the pool or on the beach. Don't let sweat buildup, salt water residue, or unsightly stubble keep you from showing off gorgeous glowing skin! 

Our bestselling Sao Conrado Intimate Wash + Joatinga Gentle Cleanser are now available as a pair for just $30 exclusively at Depil Brazil studios or online at DepilBrazilWaxing.com! This skin nourishing duo will instantly remove sweat, debris and other build up on the skin's surface, while preventing heat irritation, bacteria buildup, and eliminating odor in your most intimate area. 

Why choose just one, when you can have it all? Pick up your Summer Skinssential Duo for only $30 while supplies last! 

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