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As The Beauty Industry grows waxing is forever. Depil Brazil Waxing School by Andrea Wissing, is an educational program for ambitious beauty professionals looking for a new exciting avenue. We are a one-stop shop for body and facial waxing classes you won't learn anywhere else. Get hands-on intensive training, exclusive techniques practiced in Rio de Janiero, Professional Career kit, Waxing Certification, and on-going support from the Depil Brazil Waxing School team.

Early Bird Special

January - March Classes Only: Manage your budget with an amazing opportunity, reserve your favorite class for just 25% down and affordable monthly payments.

Check Out Our Courses

Bare The Brazilian (Female’s Brazilian Class) $1100 Take a Deep Dive Below the Belt for a two-day course all about Brazilian Waxing. It’s not called a "Brazilian" for nothing, you’ll learn the true way to remove unwanted hair from the private area using express techniques. We’ll work closely with you to help you achieve near perfect results under 20 minutes, while keeping your client as comfortable as possible.

Unleash The Manzilian (Male Brazilian Class) $1500 All hair is created equal but some areas are more difficult than others, in this two-day course, you’ll master the most expensive service to boost your income. We’ll teach you how to wax his private area confidently with clean, fast results.

Bold Brows & More (Brows + Facial Class) $750 Want to become a Brow Expert? Join our one-day class all about brows and facial waxing. You’ll learn how to shape, sculpt, and arch the most important part of the face. We’ll also make sure you learn how to wax the upper lip, chin, nose, ear, sideburns, and additional add-ons to take your skills to the next level.

Full Wax Attack (Full Service Class) $1300 Need help waxing legs, back, and full arms? We’ll get you prepped and ready for your next client with a two-day course dedicated to large body services. You’ll learn how to properly wax each area simultaneously to decrease your service time and increase your clientele.

Course Dates

July 7th & 8th | Bare The Brazilian Female (Rachel)

July 15th | Bold Brows & More (Noemi)

August 4th & 5th | Bare The Brazilian (Noemi)

August 11st & 12nd | Unleash the Manzilian (Rachel)

September 1st & 2nd | Bare The Brazilian (Rachel)

September 8th & 9th | Full Wax Attack (Rachel)

October 6th & 7th | Bare The Brazilian (Noemi)

October 14th | Bold Brows & More (Rachel)

November 3rd & 4th |Bare The Brazilian (Rachel)

November 10th & 11st | Unleash the Manzilian (Noemi)

December 1st& 2nd | Bare The Brazilian (Noemi)

December 8th & 9th | Full Wax Attack (Rachel)

Class Time & Location

9:00am – 6:00pm

Depil Brazil Waxing Studio
5005 S Cooper St #177
Arlington, TX 76017


Bare The Brazilian Reg Price $ 1100

Unleash The Manzilian Reg Price $ 1500

Bold Brows & More Reg Price $ 750  

Full Wax Attack Reg Price $ 1300  

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Financing Opportunities:
April - December Classes: Don’t miss out on your 50% deposit down and affordable monthly payments.

Credit Check Required*

On Going Support:

  • 24-48 hour response time Customer Service from Wax Professionals
  • Monthly newsletter for Waxing Industry News, Depil Brazil Jobs, event alerts and Exclusive retails details.
  • Mini Refresher Course: This is a half day course to help previous students refresh their waxing skills. Each Student is permitted one complimentary refresher course per class they take.
  • Students Receive a LifeTime Membership to Beauty Boss Network.


Become a Wax Model

Depil Brazil Waxing School is always looking for candidates to assist aspiring Wax Professionals with their education. As a model in our course, you will receive the same professional waxing service as you would at our studios but for 50% off. You will also receive 15% off on products throughout the course.

If you are interested in becoming a Depil Brazil Waxing School Model, please fill out the application & consent form .

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