There are but few greater feelings than getting a fresh body wax. Your smile gets bigger, your confidence grows, and you are ready to take on the world. When your waxing results hold enough power to make or break your day, you want to make sure that feeling lasts in between your appointments. As great as a fresh wax feels, it can get pretty annoying trying to keep up with the maintenance until your next appointment. Since you're typically supposed to wait for your hair to be a certain length before ripping it out, finding solutions to properly care for your wax can get a little exasperating. So, what should you do between waxes to ensure you don't suffer any ingrown hair or breakouts? Well, achieving the longest lasting, smoothest results from waxing depends on a couple of things: practicing good at-home care, and avoiding common mistakes. Sounds pretty reasonable, right? Make the most out of every wax with these easy to remember tips for helping your brow, bikini or Brazilian wax last longer between each appointment. 

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