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Winter Skincare Regimen: How to Bounce Back Before Spring

February 4, 2017

The groundhog has spoken! We’re in for 6 more weeks of a winter. Now is the time to begin preparing your skin to soak up the sun, because spring and summertime will be here sooner than you think.

The dryness of winter weather wreaks havoc on your skin, making it difficult to stay moisturized. Not to mention, many people choose to curtail hair removal in the winter months.

Whether you chose to forgo waxing completely or reduced to razors, the bottom line is this wishy-washy behavior causes harm to your skin’s health overall, and prolongs your bounce back to wonderfully radiant and hair-free skin. 

In this blog, the helpful estheticians at Depil Brazil Waxing will show you how to restore what the brisk winds, cold weather and artificial heat stole from your luscious skin.

Step 1: Show Your Legs Some Love

Are you guilty of embarrassing your leg fur when it’s cold out? Before you begin picking out new sundresses and cut off shorts, it’s a good idea to show your legs some much needed love. First things first, come in for a fresh Leg Wax to rid yourself of that pesky hair.

Depil Brazil’s exclusive hard wax is specially formulated with naturally soothing anti-flammatory oils. It’s attaches directly to your hair, not your skin, for a less-painful, paper-free waxing experience. But waxing alone isn’t enough to revive your skin’s natural moisture. Your esthetician will apply our Ipanema Ingrown Hair Serum which is made from plant oils sourced right here in the U.S.

If you’d prefer a moisturizer, ask your esthetician about our Leme Slow Grow Lotion. It’s soothing properties not only moisturize, it also works in tandem with the wax formula to slow down the speed of hair growth over time.

Step 2: Bring Your Sexy Back

Guys, are you eager to show off the sexy back you’ve worked so hard to sculpt in the gym all winter long? Before you get ahead of yourself, there’s a bit of hairy business you’re forgetting about. The land mass of hair on your back won’t be warmly received at the pool or beach.

You have six official months before you’re shirtless sitting poolside, so let’s make up for lost time. Make an appointment for a Male Back Wax at your nearest Depil Brazil Waxing Studio location.

Our Brazilian-style of waxing is a quick and less-painful technique than any at-home or salon you can find in the U.S. Replenish your skin’s natural moisture with Copacabana Body Oil and Leme Slow Grow Lotion, which are absolute must-haves products to keep your for spring and summer. You’ll be bringing sexy back to pools, beaches and gyms all over the Texas.




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