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Why Touch-Up Shaving is Completely Sabotaging Your Brazilian Wax

November 26, 2016

There’s a good chance you’re completely sabotaging your Brazilian wax with touch-up shaving. Stubble is an unfortunate annoyance that can drive you to do less than healthy things to your skin to get rid of it. We know touch-up shaving is a quick, easy way to put an end to annoying stubble, but nothing quick and easy comes without a few strings attached. Shaving recently waxed skin causes damage to your skin’s surface and increases the likelihood of ingrown hair. Even still, it can be a hard habit to stop if you think the benefit outweighs the risk.

Here are the top two reasons people resort to touch-up shaving and how they can break the cycle.

Reason 1: Hair Grows Too Fast
Every person’s hair grows at a different speed. There’s no way to explain it. For some, hair grows quickly while others experience slow hair growth naturally. Hair can seem like one of those unstoppable forces, but it’s actually quite controllable with the right treatment.

Solution: Slow Down Hair Growth
You’ve probably heard of prescription medications that slow down hair growth. They come in small tubes (only enough for the face) and cost between $50 – $75 each, and insurance usually won’t cover it. That’s why we developed two special products in affordably priced 8 oz bottles.

Leme Slow Grow Wash gently cleanses and nourishes to maintain beautifully softened and smooth skin while delaying hair growth and promoting hair to grow back weaker, finer, lighter, and less noticeable.

Leblon Slow Grow Lotion has natural ingredients that slow down hair growth while moisturizing and soothing your skin.

For best results, we suggest using the wash and lotion on a daily basis immediately following your wax service.

Reason 2: Removes Hair from Skin’s Surface
You may think you’ve solved your problem, but you’re actually doing more harm to your skin than good. The reality is that touch-up shaving only removes hair from the skin’s surface, and leaves the root which guarantees each strand will always be in a different stage of growth. Having a mix of short and long strands causes skin irritation and ultimately ingrown hair.

Solution: Consistent Waxing
The easiest way to cut down on stubble and the need for touch-up shaving is to wax every time your hair reaches the right length. That’s the size of a grain of rice. Every week or month you skip gives your hair that much more time to grow out and irritate your skin. Consistent waxing also keeps your hair growing on the same cycle, which means it’ll grow evenly. Do yourself a favor, get your waxes on a consistent basis and watch your regrowth come back finer, lighter, and less painful to remove.

Every time you get a wax, then shave afterwards, you’re reversing the benefits of removing hair from the root all at once. This sort of self-sabotage is expensive. If you’re serious about removing your hair by waxing, you have to stop shaving in between waxing appointments.

After waxing for a while, you’ll notice the time between visits becomes longer. Although waxing is a longer process compared to shaving, it is well worth the effort and long lasting results.

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