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Spring Into Action: Starting A Wax Routine For The Spring Season

March 5, 2019

Spring is fast approaching and if you're like most, you're ready to ditch the bulky, itchy sweaters and bare a little skin with a cute dress, top or skirt! Before you de-robe and get ready to soak up the sun by the beach or pool, you need to get rid of that unsightly hair with a body wax! 

If you've kept up with your winter wax routine, then your next scheduled wax should go as smoothly as your skin should feel. However, if you've put off waxing away those hairy woes then there's no time like the present to spring into action and get your body ready to show off under the sun! 

Here's what you need to know about starting (and keeping) a warm weather wax regimen. 

Keep Your Appointments Consistent & Well-Timed The best way to prep for the pool or the prom this season is to start a regular waxing cycle and continue it throughout the season and even throughout the year. The hair doesn't simply disappear after your first wax, but with regular waxing, you can lengthen the time in between your appointments. In fact, the more you wax, the weaker the hair follicle becomes, making it easier to remove and harder to grow back. 

If you are new to waxing and want to make it last, before you leave your first appointment, be sure to schedule a “touch up” session to help you smoothly transition your hair-growth pattern from shaving to waxing. To keep your skin silky and smooth, you need to continue your touch up sessions every two to four weeks. The longer you wait between session, the more you alter the hair growth cycle and can reset all the progress you’ve made. 

If you're making spring break vacation plans be sure to book your wax at least 48 hours before your trip for best results. Timing your waxing appointment isn’t just efficient for vacations. We also recommend avoiding waxing on or before your period. As you may be more prone to pain during this time of the month. Wait at least 1-2 weeks after your cycle ends to come in for your session. 

Keep Your Skin Nourished & Hydrated Your after-wax care is extremely important to the quality of your results and the care of your skin. Your skin may be sensitive following your wax and any red bumps or irritation should subside within a few hours.  To ensure that you don't have any irritations or skin issues, remember to avoid sun exposure, skip any tanning, avoid hot baths, heavy, fragrant lotions, and be sure to exfoliate following your service.

One of the secrets to beautiful and healthy glowing skin after a wax is to stay moisturized and hydrated. You should make sure you apply a light oil, lotion or moisturizer after each shower. This can hydrate your skin and will definitely make it easier for you to enjoy the glow that you want after waxing and exfoliating it. Regular use of a moisturizer helps draw and lock in moisture to keep the skin supple and ease the growth of the hair out of the follicle. This also means keeping your body hydrated by drinking water and eating water-centric fruits. 

Show All Your Body Some Love   Waxing goes beyond your brows and bikini line. There's a whole world of waxing services you should explore this spring season. From the upper lip to the underarm, to the ears, to the nose, to the back, to the chest and even the breast. There are a number of areas on the body that you can make smooth. Many of these waxing services are quick and virtually painless too! So that means you can book more than one service during your appointment and leave feeling confident in your whole body feeling smooth. 

We recommend adding a second wax service when you book your next bikini or Brazilian and experiencing a life-changing new sensation! 

Unsure about whether waxing is right for you? Try your first wax absolutely FREE at any of our locations, or simply give us a call. We’re happy to answer any questions for you! 

The most important tip of all is to choose the right place to go for your wax. Depil Brazil is committed to providing you with the most comfortable and hygienic hair removal experience for all Spring events and Summer vacations.

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