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5 Reasons To Add An Exfoliate To Your Beauty Routine

September 26, 2017


To Scrub or Not To Scrub? Is that even really a question?

One of the least talked about beauty tips for healthy soft skin is exfoliants; cleansers, moisturizers, and toners may lead the conversation, but the power of the scrub should not be ignored.

Whether it's sugar, salt, or beads (don't worry, we'll suggest a few of our faves) the right exfoliant for your skin will leave you feeling powerful, feminine, and soft to the touch.

We couldn’t keep this beauty secret to ourselves any longer, so we put together a list so you have all the deets on its benefits. It's time to break away from thinking that body scrubs belong to some exclusive spa you'll hardly ever go to and discover the achievable power of the radiant ridiculously smooth skin.


Power # 1: Exfoliating Reveals Fresh and Tone Skin

Exfoliating regularly removes dead skin cells that causes the appearance of blemishes and blackheads, because of its gentle scrubbing texture, it unveils a fresh layer of skin to the surface, leaving you silky smooth and in your purest form. 


For an overall  Face and Body exfoliant, try our Prainha Apricot Body Scrub


, with emollients rich in vitamins A and C. A natural antioxidant, apricot helps to maintain skin clarity, suppleness, and elasticity.


Power # 2: Exfoliating Manages Break Outs

A deep cleansing exfoliant works itself into the skin, eliminating excess oils and buildup from the root.  Although it doesn’t cure acne, it acts as a force to minimize the number of breakouts you have, leaving your skin clearer longer. 


Power # 3: Exfoliating Prevents Ingrown Hairs

We can all agree that ingrown hairs are the enemy, those embarrassing bumps appear when trapped hairs curl back into the skin because they can’t pierce through the surface. By exfoliating twice a week, you’re directly combating the problem area by shedding old skin and making way for the hair to grow through. 

If need some extra help in the ingrown hair area, our Grumari Body Exfoliant is just for you. Grumari Body Exfoliant’s natural ingredients soften skin while helping to prevent and reduce the appearance of ingrown hairs. 


Power # 4: Exfoliating Preps The Skin For Waxing

Most assume that you can substitute exfoliating with waxing but it doesn’t not. Waxing the hair does not remove the first layer of skin. Incorporate an exfoliate two or three days before your appointment, to relieve the skin of some pain during the service.


Power # 5: Exfoliating Reduces Stress

Stress can have a serious effect on the skin, from clogged pores to blemishes, exfoliating the body increases blood circulation giving your skin a healthy color and allowing you to achieve radiant skin.

To reduce stress spots in the body, try our Macumba Salt Scrub, designed to boost circulation and remove dead skin cells, this scrub is made with avocado oil for deep hydration and acai fruit extract to fight premature aging caused by free radicals.






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