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5 Lust Worthy Brows We Can't Get Enough Of

August 12, 2017

Striking brows are still making a statement in Beauty, so we put together a list of our favorites celebs that are killing the brow game at this very moment.

From bushy and relaxed, to sharp and arched, these five brows vary in styles and shapes that we can't get enough of.

  1. Cara Delevingne The Bushy Beauty: Cara Delevingne, has brows that are about as famous as she is. The secret to her powerful brows? Simple, little to no maintenance and killer genetics. She ditched the tweezers a long time ago and doesn’t let anyone touch them. Although we wouldn’t recommend this regimen to those of us that require a little TLC, we can’t help but to envy her luscious brows.

  1. Adriana Lima The Long & Lean: Natural brow? Yes please! Adriana Lima is one of our beauty crushes, not only is she from our native land of Brazil, her low and goddess-like brow arch adds a natural look to her shape. The slight angles give them a lift while the thinness of the brow helps keep them subtle.

Sobrancelhas lindas Ms. Lima!


  1. Beyonce’ The Arched Perfection: If looks could kill, Beyonce’s brows would be one of the deadliest. She keeps her arches natural, soft, and free of sharp points. The sophistication of her brow shape works well on many face shapes and easy to replicate. At the top of her game, she manages to keep her brows just like her talent, graceful yet powerful.

4.Megan Fox The Vivid Vixen: Her brows are known as some of the best in the business as the arch opens up her face and works well with her face shape. Megan’s careful maintenance of her brows keeps them sharp, identical and sleek, and we can’t stop staring because of it.

  1.  Jessica Alba The Bold Brilliance: We love how she's styles her brows, keeping them dense and full at the ends and middle. The arch lays just over the brow bone, showing us that there is a perfect balance between dramatic and natural.

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